Best New Artists

Wintergatan from Sweden is some of our favorite latest new music. Discover new artist, Wintergatan, now...for fans of Sigur Ros or your favorite muso indie. Listen now!
Discover booming indie R&B warrior, Jetta, another great new find brought to you by BitCandy's curators. Interested? Check out Jetta and you can become a curator too!
Discover budding LA producer Goldroom, brought to you by our amazing BitCandy curators!
Move over Frank Ocean, our boy Jarell Perry is coming through to sweep that smooth sailing R&B game right out from under your feet. Meet today's featured new artist.
We're about to introduce you to your new favorite artist, Dan Croll. Don't miss Dan Croll's debut single, From Nowhere.
Shlomo, the stage name taken by LA producer Henry Laufer, crafts lo-fi beats that draw comparisons to DJ Shadow, M83, Flying Lotus. Discover Shlomo on BitCandy now.