Best New Artists

When Canadian-based producer Jeff Hartford first started making music under the moniker ATTLAS, people were actually mistaking him for Deadmau5, thinking it was a new secret project.
New artist Moon Boots lists his influences as Moon Zappa and Bootsy Collins and he creates blissful instrumentals that are packed with sparkling and technical electronics, blasts of synths, and intricate beats.
Copenhagen-based new artist Freja describes her sound as a blend of power pop and new wave, and lists artists like Prince and Fleetwood Mac as her influences.
Minimalistic, yet layered and complete, new artist Attaque’s music is the perfect soundtrack to whatever it is you’re doing.
For fans of anyone from Explosions In The Sky to Bon Iver, we highly recommend that you read on to discover why we here at BitCandy can’t get enough of the genre-breaking music of MK Grands.
New electronic/hip-hop producer Wayfarer has been making music since 2014, and says he’s simply a product of the burgeoning production and beats scene that’s been coming out of Melbourne.
Electro-soul artist Khai just released his brand new EP, If You, and it’s packed full of completely enchanting synth-led instrumentation and some seriously dreamy vocals that prove he is here to stay.
London indie rock quartet Pauma has loads of talent and an extremely catchy debut EP that seems to get better with each subsequent listen.