Ever since discovering Björk several years ago, I’ve held the belief that there is some freaky sh*t in Iceland’s waters that magically breeds avant-garde music -- how else can you explain Jónsi’s otherworldly vocals?? This theory bears some investigating. Someone phone the producers of Ancient Aliens...

Can I introduce you to Exhibit #11, this Icelandic phenomenon: Auður, an artist pushing the envelope of the R&B genre. His latest single, “I’d Love,” gives Arca a run for his money when it comes to musical artistry. Also, the track is just sexy as all hell. Watch the literally twisted video to “I’d Love” below.



spotify I want to advise you now to open your windows or grab a fan to cool yourself down, because “I’d Love” will get you hot and bothered. If it’s not the sheer talent evident in the track’s slinky, seductive production that’ll get you, it’ll be the sultry lyrics practically BEGGING you for forbidden intimacy. Or maybe it’s Auður’s voice that’ll have you weak at the knees. I get it, guys. His voice is smoother than peanut butter (because chunky doesn’t EXIST in my world).

No! Wait. I definitely know what your kink is, We Are: The Guard readers -- because in the middle of this fluctuating track comes a curve you might not have guessed -- an absolutely erotic guitar solo. Auður makes an acoustic guitar sound like the beginning of a tantric tango or a sensual thigh massage.

My point is, if you need some new ‘alone time’ music… “I’d Love” might be for you. Just shut the blinds.

Auður, have mercy on me with these sensual hits. Find his Soundcloud here.