The newest track from Darci called “Life” blends the best of the R&B/hip hop world with chill styled electronic music. The weather is getting a bit chillier, so let's cuddle up with some nice tunes with some of We Are: The Guard's musical picks. Enjoy!



soundcloud Despite racking up several million listens on their tracks on Soundcloud, Darci remains faceless without any true background to their life beyond the music that they release. Not much information is given through cover art, either, unless you have a fondness for attractive females with a covered overlay. For a while, it was difficult to call Darci a person, a duo, or a group. Even with this review, I am still left very much in the dark. Clearly, this is another case of musicians letting their creations do the talking. Thankfully, “Life” talks to us in a way of total aural perpetuity.

“Life” maintains the multi-genre style that Darci has presented in their career up until this point. Though brief, there is a definite signature and sound here. Blending the solid auto-tuned vocal delivery that lies somewhere between hip hop and R&B style with an exclusively electronic backdrop, it is a calm and steady track suitable for listeners of hip hop as well as electronic music. If you like both genres, then that's even better. Imagine an MC dropping rhymes in the middle of an after-work lounge hang out. That is exactly what Darci has been coming up with. “Life” is just a continuation and maybe a reassurance of their overall musical mission.