MÖWE, the German word for seagull, embodies the adventurous spirit of their musical sound and lyrics. We Are: The Guard will take a listen to their mellow track, "Skyline." Keep the steel drums and ukulele at home, because this might be the groundbreaking new formula for the next generation of relaxing, beach jams.



Based in Vienna, Austria, MÖWE is an electronic duo consisting of Melanie and Clemens. Within two minutes and 45 second runtime, "Skyline" delivers an immense mixture of islander flavor and house beats. It is difficult not to get into the wanderlust frame of mind with lines like this: “Cross the ocean/Seen a thousand shores/Always searching/For a soul like yours.” Most of their music video convey the message of the world being a vast landscape that should be explored. Surely, their early summer jam, "Skyline," follows this trend, all too well. These guys must be musicians who love to travel, or travelers who happen to make some catchy music.

Sprinkled with tropical flavor, "Skyline" feels the most at home around a sandy beach with clear blue water surrounding its every whistle and hook, just as a seagull would. Throw in a lovely orange sunset, and you have yourself a party. If there is a summer anthem needed for the incoming scorcher, "Skyline" is a track loaded with a panacea for a boring, lifeless summer. This is the type of song that gets you hyped for the upcoming festival season, or beachside hangouts with your friends. Skyline lacks complicated composition. Everything is predictable, so it is best utilized in a playlist with other chill music.