I can say with utter certainty that I’ve never heard anything like this before. A clever mix of indie and dub with chill ass UK hop-hop is the kind of combination that I’ve yet to come across in my 20+ years of listening to every conceivable genre mix-mash. As a music aficionado, there’s nothing more exciting. As a blogger, there’s nothing more challenging. But… I have nothing to compare this too! You mean I have to discuss Dan Dare’s clever rhymes and drug-fueled lines on their own catchy, silly merits? Well how about we listen and let the music speak for itself? Yeah, that works.



spotify As Dan Dare, Slang has the kind of songwriting credits you’d kill your first born child for. He’s written tracks for Marina and the Diamonds, Wiley and Charli XCX and has even served as the resident MC for a London grime crew, The Gritty Committee. But now he’s branching out on his own writing songs that take on a more personal approach.  Even if they’re just as playful as the radio hits.

If you don’t know a Cokeroach, consider yourself lucky. This absurdist take on give a mouse a key bump is pretty goddamn hilarious to anybody in the party scene. Slang’s mellow tempered frustration makes it even funnier to me. He ain’t even mad, he’s just not gonna answer his phone! The hook is catchy, the rhymes are fresh and the production is unlike anything else out there. What more can you ask for? Well let’s listen to Slang’s full length mixtape, fwENDZ and find out. Dope.



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