The story goes that G-Eazy and Dillon Francis were both on tinder at the same time, swiping… swiping… swiping when they came across each other’s profiles and the algorithm auto-matched for them.  Completely shocked, they locked eyes across the Green Room and decided to acknowledge this happenstance of digital sentience and work together to create the new perfect summer jam, "Say Less." We Are: The Guard thank graciously the EDM Gods for this most perfect match of West Coast Moombah-Bass-Trap hip-hop silliness. These wayward brothers were destined to work together, simple as that. Both of these daring dudes refuse to take themselves too seriously while simultaneously producing chart-topping, foot-stomping, barn-burning, festival-ready anthems. Let’s see how high they can go with this one.



It’s ironic that Dillon Francis would name his new song "Say Less," while he hasn’t been quiet on social media since 2007. While G-Eazy is the one doing the talking it seems like the content of the lyrical flow is about the man who spits hot fire… Dillon, Dillon, Dillon. With references to IDGAFOS and Yung Gerald, this is the Dillon jam for true Dillon fans. Dropping references, dropping bars, 'bout to drop the “Coachella” call-out live at Coachella this weekend. Clever release schedule, boys. If G-Eazy doesn’t show up for a guest spot, color me surprised.


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