Tape Machines, self-described as “two Swedish producers making awesome music,” is as fresh and yellow as they come. Yet another electronic production from our Nordic friends, "Dirty Linen Sheets" presents a tale of a one-night sexual encounter between strangers that turns a little more romantic than intended. We Are: The Guard are intrigued about this one. Take a listen, and you might be, as well.



Not much is known about Tape Machines other their aforementioned self-description on their very humble Facebook page. There is even less information on their Soundcloud. After eating meatballs with Lingonberry at the IKEA cafeteria and putting together a HELMER cabinet yesterday, reviewing this song might be third most Swedish thing I did this week.

Like a real-life tape player, there is something magnetic about Tape Machines. The track itself features a straightforward formula of run-of-the-mill beats and catchy hooks, that screams electropop all the way down. There is nothing too daring or shocking, but what do you expect from a debut release? Is it catchy? Yes. Is it groundbreaking? Absolutely, not. Take it as electropop comfort food. It goes down easy, and leaves a pretty good feeling afterwards.

Like a one-night-stand, you might end up falling in love with this track, as well as our strangers in night, Tape Machines. Personally, I don’t take there could be a better take on the one-night-stand than "Dirty Linen Sheets." Devoid of crassness, it is a pleasurable interpretation on this often-vulgar act. But thinking of the title certainly made me imagine the fluids that ended up on those sheets after a fun-filled sexual romp. Part disgusted, part jealous.