Filled with talent and growing in potential, the artist simply known as Cyn has quickly ascended to the limelight. With her newest song “Only With You,” it appears that this midwestern musician might be here to stay. We Are: The Guard takes a crack at this newest release from the Katy Perry back up singer.



Exactly three months prior, this typical middle-class girl placed her imprint all over the musical landscape with her own brand of folkish indie rock implemented on her track called “Together.” With a style and chops that drew gushing admiration from pop starlet Katy Perry, Cynthia Nabozny has found herself working with great company, including collaborating with Felix Snow and Brill Building's own OMEGA. Three months later, Nabozny, known simply as Cyn, has returned to grace the faithful with her bright and upbeat track “Only With You.”

youtubeNow donning a new hairdo, Cyn has kept her voice as an eternal constant, but the composition of the instrumentals have taken a noticeable electronic-heavy direction, with some of her fleeting vocals even getting the digital auto-tuned treatment. “Only With You” is a far departure from her earlier works, which often had haunting and mystical elements to their instrumentals and make ups. Similar to “Together,” her music has gotten more radio and commercial-friendly, but luckily her vocals, airy and free with well-placed falsetto, have pretty much stayed the same. Sometimes, it parallels Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, of Of Monsters And Men fame, but not having the same amount of hoarseness. Such consistency and relative potential has really gotten Perry and her associates salivating at their investment. Surely, there are more bright days to come for Cyn.