Approaching Black Friday, which is essentially the beginning of the holiday season, We Are: The Guard is delivering some wonderful tunes to everyone who happens to hate those shitty Christmas songs that makes us all die a little inside. On the docket today is Felix Snow's return to solo named “Tender Buffalo” that is sure to entertain and confuse anyone in a eggnog stupor. 



spotify Back from his very successful project with David Benjamin Singer-Vine and Lisa Vitale called Terror Jr, Felix Snow is back to his solo works and releasing some new stuff under his own calling card. After the release of his video for his collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert called “Love,” which featured a copious amount of half-naked women, I have been eager to see what Snow has coming down the pipeline.

“Tender Buffalo” is a bombastic electronic track filled with everything synthetic from the instrumentals to the incoherent vocals. It is not quite glitchy, but not entirely disjointed, either. Listening to this track, it almost seems like you are wandering around drunk in a packed dance club, confused about what the hell is going on, as well as where your friends are. Unlike that drunken state of mind, you probably won't vomit or urinate on yourself listening to Snow's newest drop. Don't worry, the song seems to get better with each listen, and who the hell pays attention to the lyrics, anyway? Still, it makes me miss the clear-cut vocals supplied by Terror Jr's Vitale.