FRND, the up-and-coming electronic artist hailing from LA, has a new track titled “Be Happy,” but the sentiment won’t be one you’ll feel on your first listen. “Be Happy” is not a feel-good song per se, but the message is universal; essential, really, because heartbreak is a b*tch but the slow trudge toward maturity is eventually worth it. For those that know the stinging reality of losing someone special, and familiar with swallowing pride and letting someone go, We Are: The Guard salute you. Take a listen to FRND’s “Be Happy” below.



“Be Happy” is an incredibly intimate track all around. FRND’s vocals are vulnerable, and the contemplative strumming of his acoustic guitar recalls an emotional, “Hey There Delilah” vibe (that song still gets to me, I swear). The frankness in both his voice and lyrics make for an honest performance, a song relatable as it is romantic.

Of course, this isn’t 100% tear-jerker material, 'cause hey -- ain’t nobody got time for that. Not to oversaturate the track, FRND makes an intelligent decision in adding his becoming-rather-signature electronic elements into the chorus. The choice elevates “Be Happy” from a tune to softly listen to in your one-room apartment to a thoughtful, heart-warming electronic song. A song to send your friends and not feel overly guilty for reminding them of their ex. Everyone wins.

If you need a pick-me-up from the retrospection offered by “Be Happy,” be sure to check out the remix from White Panda currently making waves. Otherwise, here’s a link to FRND’s Soundcloud.