If I learned anything from SOFI TUKKER’s memorable single from their last EP, “Drinkee,” it’s that the duo’s got a penchant for whimsical dance music -- that, and that everything sounds better in Portuguese.

Fast forward to today, and the NY-based group is back with an even more carefree electronic track. The song is in English this time. My best guess is that it’s for security, you know, to make sure we can hear their message loud and clear: They really can’t give a fuck about they.

Listen to “Fuck They” below.



To be frank, “Fuck They” might just be the most punk-rock dance song of the summer. Push the constant profanities aside, and you’ve still got a blatant middle-fingers-up anthem with a great synthline accompanying the succinct and shameless message surrounding it.

soundcloud“Who’s they, anyway?” According to SOFI TUKKER, “they” represents anyone holding you back: your mom, your manager, your dog -- or in the duo’s case, anyone restricting creative freedom. I can’t speak for how constrictive the group has felt in the past in regards to their sound (though this interview alludes to it just a little), but “they” certainly aren’t doing a great job. SOFI TUKKER come off so completely unfazed in “Fuck They” and it’s clear the pair are having fun making electronic music, in whatever language they’ve decided to use that day in the studio. Breezy but confidently unfiltered, “Fuck They” is another dance gem sure to make waves.

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