Usually, releasing just one record in a year would suffice for most musicians (and for others, it’s an impossible feat… Looking at you, TOOL). But apparently, there really is no rest for the wicked, or for our heartstrings, for that matter.

Though having already released Silhouettes earlier this year, it seems UK chill/pop duo Aquilo are gearing up for yet another album: ii. With the announcement came an accompanying new track, featuring the return of Aquilo’s signature mellow and sentimental sound. Check out “Thin” down below.



spotify Aquilo has made some splashes for their mystical vibes, and “Thin” is just more testament to that sound. “Thin” starts with their usual acoustics and lush harmonies. Breathy falsettos abound within the reflective verses and the track quietly picks up in the bridge with the inclusion of some subtle electronic elements. By the second half, that synthy atmosphere expands tenfold, until it’s as much of an earworm as it is a lyrically-adept track.

And sure, Silhouette is still a very fresh release on our minds, but “Thin” shows a musical maturity that definitely sounds older than just a half-a-year older. Just listen to the last minute of the track and tell me that’s not some refined song-writing. I DARE YOU.

Not much is known about their upcoming project ii, except that it’ll be released in two parts. Stay tuned to their social media pages, and if you need your fix, their early 2017 release Silhouettes will work to tide you over.