English artist Bakar’s music bio on his Facebook plainly reads: “its all just a big art project,” which I find appropriately fitting to describe the incredibly catchy lo-fi music he makes. There is something inherently charming to Bakar; his music comes off effortless and organic.

This shows no less in his new song, “Small Town Girl,” a simplistic ballad intent on swooning a chick off her feet. I’m a born-and-raised in LA girl, so no, this song can’t ever be dedicated to me. And am I a little jealous? MAAAAYBE. Listen to the track below.



youtube“Small Town Girl” carries some absurdly casual vibes, like when you have jack sh*t to do on a Sunday afternoon, or when you wake up in the middle of the night to realize you’ve still got hours of sleeping to do (BEST feeling ever). Bakar strums the guitar like he’s at a low-key performance at a coffee shop and romantically sings off promises to his crush -- all while sounding coolly apathetic.

Bakar’s that suave guy who’ll ask you on a date and tell you that you’re beautiful, and if, for some reason, you reject his proposal, he’ll shrug it off and say, “Yeah, all right, that’s chill.” The aloofness is impressive, but most of all effective. Bakar, bring the world on over to me! I can’t get my fix! Let’s get married, yeah?

When Bakar isn’t busy being irresistible, he’s dropping tracks. Make sure to stay glued to his Soundcloud page and socials.