On the heels of her early singles "Ocean Eyes" and "Bellyache," teenage sensation Billie Eilish has released her newest track titled "Watch." Destined for Top-40 stardom, We Are: The Guard examines if this song pass the smell test.



What were you doing at fifteen? I was ditching third period Spanish to hang out at the Taco Bell parking lot. While most teenagers are cooking up drama to serve their daily lives in high school, Billie Eilish is already releasing songs for a worldwide audience. Maybe, overachieving is all a part of Eilish’s DNA. Her debut, "Ocean Eyes," was a collaboration with her older brother that just happened to draw tens of millions of streams on Spotify. Her newest track, "Watch," has all of the sensibilities and depth of a much-older songstress. Slowly, but surely, she is becoming our domestic Lorde. At least her voice sounds similar enough.

Watch is an emotionally-charged journey across the teenager’s all-too-young life. The source is probably a little too youthful to have encountered this level of drama, but that doesn’t hinder her entertaining performance. As a storyteller, Eilish has the musical chops to achieve her mission, all at the age of fifteen. That is amazing. I am expecting a lot more excellent future releases from this talented teenager.