On this episode of We Are: The Guard, I hit the play button on the debut release from Black Fly named "I Don’t Know," a tune that is purposefully-dark and chills you to the core. Oddly bone-chilling, yet aurally-pleasing.



I assume the people behind Black Fly are part of a masterclass of being discreet on the internet. If you try to look up of their official Twitter account, there seems to be an intentional lack of written words, just the existence of darkness-filled black-and-white photography. This vagueness seems to add to Black Fly’s mystique and transparency. We never see the faces or get to read their words. It is purely music, at least for now. With a name like Black Fly, you get a hunch that the song is going to be about sunshine and lollipops.

"I Don’t Know" is a song that appears to hit a nerve or invoke a chill in the spine. The voice is dark, gritty, and rough-sounding. The vocal track is noticeably distorted and devoid of intonations and emotions, almost to a monotone effect that is eerily like former The Smiths front-man, Morrissey. But there will no talk of veganism and liberal agendas here.

The instrumental consists of a soft and mellow beat set into an ocean of ambient electronica reminiscent of those nice eighties songs we all remember so well. As softly as the song started, as quickly it seems to fade out. Like the name, I don’t know how I feel about it. Chilling? Yes. Disturbing? Yes. Did I have several euphoric moments while listening to it? Yes, indeed.

Listen to it, and make the decision for yourself. Remember to bring a blanket, though.