Canadian singer-songwriter Dylyn drowns the pain in orange juice, champagne, and big hooks with the acoustic version of “Mimosa”!



Dancing your ass off is a great way to forget your troubles, dripping off like sweat and glitter on packed dancefloors. Going out with friends, catching a buzz, closing your eyes and swaying to a beat - all great things to get your mind off of whatever is ailing you.


It’s not always easy to find the strength or peace of mind to get out when you feel like hell, however. When we’re feeling sad, depressed, insecure, uncertain, or angsty in any way, mournful piano pop and a bottle of red wine are more the order of the day.

Toronto singer/songwriter Dylyn, the solo project of Gwendolyn Lewis, saw a grip of stunning press when she dropped the original "Mimosa" back in February, with its fast, frenetic, drilling drum ‘n bass infused electropop, sounding like an update on the much-missed early phases of Sneaker Pimps, circa Becoming X. The original “Mimosa” could be this generation’s trip-hop, amped up and jacked full of stimulants and bravado, even in the midst of a meltdown.

For those who like their sad pop to have a bit more of a melancholic cast, the new piano-driven acoustic take on “Mimosa” is about to make your break-up mixtape very happy, indeed. It also pleases us here at We Are: The Guard, as it makes Dylyn’s musical charms all that much more apparent. Dylyn’s got a powerful, emotive voice that would slay on The Voice, and yet she seems to be turning her talents to the raw and heartfelt rather than towards the Pop Machine, thank the stars.

If you’re already a fan of “Mimosa” (there are many), here’s a chance to hear your favorite single of the past six months, fresh and new. If not, here’s a chance to climb on board and fall in love with Dylyn. We certainly have, at We Are: The Guard.

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