Here at We Are: The Guard, we have a steamy and sultry release by California-native Emmit Fenn called "Woman." So, pour two glasses of wine and get comfortable. This is some baby-making music.



Originally from the Bay Area, Emmit Fenn appears to have a level of musical talent akin to those who have been in the Los Angeles scene for years. Hot off the heels of his recent duet with Malaysian sensation, Yuna, "Woman" projects the same type of emotionally-driven tracks that Fenn has an aptitude for creating. The listener is not bombarded by the unnecessary. Every note is important and not easily squandered.

If there is a mixtape or playlist of sexy jams, "Woman" must be on there. Though Fenn’s vocal delivery doesn’t deviate much from start to finish, there is an unexplainable devious nature to the whole track. It seems very at-home on a 50 Shades soundtrack. There is nothing taxing about the instrumentals, either. Together, it is a song that is a practice of instilling more sex appeal through insinuations rather than vulgarity.

If "Woman" is Fenn’s defining release, then it surely the beginning of a long-lasting musical career. As a spiritual successor to Modern Flame, this track is a pleasant listen worthy of every Lothario’s musical romancing strategy.