After a long hiatus, Aesop Label signee Jens Kuross returns with a brilliantly composed track called “Spiraling” that is folky and experimental wrapped into a cornucopia of good vibes without the usage of recreational drugs. We Are: The Guard tries to unpack and layout this very interesting piece of work by Kuross.



soundcloud With a name like Jens Kuross, you wouldn't think that the place of birth of this LA-based artist was born in the state of Idaho, known for spuds and Boise State football. Signed by the British record label Aesop, Kuross released some tracks that formed part of a small EP. Nearly a quiet year later, he dropped his newest track called “Spiraling”, loaded with heavy piano keys and very interesting overlays of vocals that ends up getting more and more jumbled and hypnotic before finally relenting in the final minute of the song.

There is this unmistakable crackle and graveling to Kuross's voice that is a little bit Chris Martin and a dead ringer for any indie folk ensemble. “Spiraling” does indeed spiral in the pursuit of the climax, as the multiple layers just spin in an organized centrifuge. It might sound careless or chaotic, but the layers are manipulated so well that the song goes back on track, disregarding the madness that just happened moments earlier.

“Spiraling” isn't for everyone, especially not for those who only listen to conventional music that runs with a typical formula. This is anything but typical. That being said, it seems like one of those artsy-fartsy projects that ends up being quite palatable and not in any bit alienating.