Working out of Music City, Florida-native JMR just dropped a brand-new track from his freshly-released EP. We Are: The Guard analyzes the follow-up to his previous single, "Bound," entitled "June Carter."



Not quite as soulful as "Bound," "June Carter" takes a more laissez-faire approach to formulating a love-ballad where the vocals become the driving force of the entire track. The music merely enhances the experience. It is minimalist, but the instrumentals still manage to buoy his sultry voice for the duration of the track. Nothing is overpowering, as the narrative slowly, but surely, moseys along. JMR finds the correct ingredients for this delicious and sumptuous piece that is intriguing even for those with discriminating tastes. Are we talking about music still, or am I just writing a restaurant review? If this is food for your ears, I’m sure they will eat this track right up.

As part of his sophomore EP, both tracks exhibit his versatility in the overlapping genres of Soul and R&B. Quite honestly, it is about time R&B went back to its classic sound. When compared to "Bound," it lacks the alluring qualities, such as a vocal delivery that belongs in a gospel. Most of his previous releases goes towards either R&B or Soul, almost like he has musical-schizophrenia. Don’t get me wrong, JMR is adept at both. Truthfully, it’s a great problem to have. Since he’s early in his career, JMR is slowly finding the right balance between genres.