One thing is for sure: UK-based artist JP Cooper is making music unlike what we’re used to hearing on our streaming radios.

Cooper’s sound is reverently soulful and channels some serious vibes a la Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book. That is to say, there is an air of gospel sang within his music (though that should come as no surprise -- he started his earlier years working with the Manchester Sing Out Gospel Choir). Listen below to his newly released song “Momma’s Prayers,” a track off his coming debut album, and see for yourself.



spotify Without a doubt, “Momma’s Prayers” sounds like it belongs in homily at a Mother’s Day service (if the concluding choir at the end doesn’t convince you). But by no means does the track come off as trite. Cooper’s earnest vocals can attest to this.

And then there’s acclaimed grime rapper Stormzy as the feature, which could be the most left-field choice for a guest artist of 2017. Did you guys know Stormzy could pull off this kind of feature for a ballad? He spits bars and then sings. Sings. What else is next? Sean Spicer showing up at the Emmys??? Oh wait…

In short, “Momma’s Prayers” is a sweet and endearing tune, and one that’s forcing me to up the ante next year for my mother’s birthday. Because whoa, JP Cooper, that is one hell of an homage.

JP Cooper’s debut album, Raised Under Grey Skies, is coming very very soon. It’s available for preorder now, so step to it.