Los Angeles-based artist K.Flay is getting ready to release her second album, Every Where is Some Where, later this year, and she just dropped the album’s explosive first single that we are super excited to share with you today called “Black Wave."

The track grabs a hold of you instantly with her fiery vocals, energy-charged lyrics, echoing atmospherics and fuzzed out electronics. As hinted by the track’s cover art, you quickly sense an awesomely political-feel with stand-out memorable lyrics like “I can taste the fear/ yeah, it’s written on my lips” and “who you gonna trust when the killer is a cop?” You can feel the sense of urgency increase and consume you, even when things briefly take a lonesome, electric guitar-charged break as you’re lead into the explosive chorus right after the 1 minute mark while she ferociously announces, “stumbling down the street/ I swear to god you don’t want to test me!”



Things take a wonderfully warped turn after the 2:30 mark with distorted guitars and synths, before breaking back into a flurry of fuzzed-out energy as she hypnotically threatens “watch me softly surf this black wave/ don’t test me!/ watch me softly surf this black wave/ don’t test me!” until the track’s end.

It’s simply a killer track and her new album, Every Where is Some Where, cannot get here fast enough!


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