The best loves of your lives are the long, lost crushes of youth; playing hard-to-get at a high school party, doing things your parents would be ashamed of, all for the sake of puppy love that may or may not be reciprocated. Fun stuff! And K.I.D.’s new song, “Boy,” embodies all of this. Listen to the track below and relive those thrilling, haunting memories of the past with everyone at We Are: The Guard.


K.I.D. - BOY

The nostalgia brewing in this track is too real. Maybe because k.i.d.’s music sounds like 90s era Garbage if they were ever interested in going full-on pop. Seriously -- if you stuck “Boy” in the Cruel Intentions soundtrack, you couldn’t even tell it apart.

“Boy, my joys in your skin, boy,” lead singer Kara lowly sings, with a flirty pout on her face (at least I’m assuming), and in the catchiest hook I’ve heard so far this week. I’m instantly traveling back to a false memory of laying down in the back of someone else’s truck in 80 degree heat, and dusk is beginning to settle. We’re sharing drags of the same cigarette and I can tell I’m hitting a homer within the hour.

And then this person won’t return my calls the following week, and the perils of being young and in love start sinking in. But in that single moment, everything is perfect. “Boy” is that second in your life, when everything about love was right in your world.

For more alt-rock-pop, listen to K.I.D.’s EP, Poster Child. It’s out now, and guaranteed to make you rock out on your bed, Kirsten-Dunst-in-Bring-It-On style.