After listening to this track once I needed to go back and do some research. What it sounded like to me was an Indie Pop Radio Charter as remixed by the strange dark minimal techno of Gesaffelstein, which in itself is quite the contradictory statement. Gesaffelstein indie pop?  Who are these Bandeauxx. cats? Does all their music sound this interesting? Who are these LINES dogs? Are they just writing all sorts of killer hits? Answers after the break.



With only two credits to their name, the answer on LINES is yes. They are 2/2 in the department of anthemic indie pop hit making. The original version of “Weekends” is a lot stranger than I expected. (The thumping drum that I figured was Bandeauxx.’s is very present here.) Give it a listen in the Spotify link below and see for yourself.

Bandeauxx. ALSO only have two tracks to their name. Their other one is a remix Voila Snow and Paperwater. And while this other one doesn’t sound anything like Gessafelstein, it’s certainly still strange. Which means the answer to my question is yes: all their music does sound that interesting. I’m even more impressed by the change-up. Let’s hope they continue on this trajectory of making no two songs sound alike for their rest of their careers and rather continue to be inventive and challenging. That’s my dream for the future. Not so much to ask.