New in the indie scene by way of the UK, LOYAL is really getting our attention here at We Are: The Guard with their first offering of 2017, “Moving As One.” Their third single was recently featured in the soundtrack of FIFA 17. The people at EA must have great taste (just like us).



What exactly makes it so pleasing to the ears? Nearly five and a half minutes long, the track slowly builds up steam around the 50 second mark and continues to get progressively better the more you listen to it. Accompanied by the simplest of layering vocals, the beat of the orchestration is providing toe-tapping goodness. Unlike their last single, “House For You”, the vocals this time around doesn’t seem it was plucked out of a Crystal Castles recording.

It is constant and consistent. The lyrics itself is simple enough and repeated to great effect, almost forming into a primal, carnal chant. Quite fitting, as letting one’s “instinct lead” is the calling card of this single. Coupled with the consistent beat, it almost seems the longer it goes on, the louder it is gets. By mid-song, the aural sensation reaches maximum capacity.

How effective is this formula? I found myself already putting it on repeat, fascinated by the pulsating excitement developing in my limbs. If there are songs created for the morning jog or the late night gym rats, “Moving As One” should definitely be an essential track for this year’s running mix.

London-based label Good Years, already drawing considerate success with the rising popularity of BANKS, hope LOYAL can follow suit. With strong releases like this, there is no reason to think otherwise.