Need a reprieve from your drama-filled life or just looking for a lullaby? Novo Amor's "Carry You" could suffice for either of those moods. If the song doesn’t sound enticing enough, this is his first release since his collaboration last year with Ed Tullet and his first solo release since 2015.



The Welsh multi-instrumentalist—also known as Ali John Meredith-Lacey—is comparable to Ben Howard, only wispier. His tone is more feathery soft and less anthemic. The arrangements are as equally delicate as his voice, with ornate and detailed string-play. We imagine his ideal crowd isn't at a music festival, but more of quiet, leg-crossing, intimate atmosphere. 

Given all we’ve observed from his music, we assume Novo Amor wants his listeners to listen closely while he sings and strums. The sensation he conjures is dream-like—and tumbles over you like drifting clouds. The feelings attributed with falling in love could be  similarly described—making you feel as though you can float—and that's exactly what he sings about . "Carry You" is about how love can “carry you away” and change you forever.

Lucky us, the song is only the first song off his upcoming EP, appropriately titled Cleansing Bath. He has promises that the whole EP carries on the cathartic theme we hear in this sweet preview. Now all We Are: The Guard have to do is wait until May 26 to have our fully-realized "cleansing" moment as he intended it.