Alexander Lewis - Off Guard

Though summer is officially over, Alexander Lewis returns us to the sandy beaches with his island-destined track “Off Guard.” From us here at We Are: The Guard and those familiar with Lewis' previous works, this one will literally catch you off guard.



youtube The Norcal-native producer has a growing credibility among the professional music community by working with the likes of local artist Tokimonsta. Sure, working with others will get your name out there, but there is always a question of whether you can do it by your lonesome. Well, the wait is over. “Off Guard” is finally here, and it shows off Lewis' versatility, as well.

“Off Guard” is a deviation from what Lewis typically releases. Instead of booming, pulsating beats that he appears to be accustomed to creating, his newest track has a summer rhythm, while still maintaining brass and percussion with daring precision. Without a doubt, his go-to sound is in the liberal usage of horns, and there is plenty in “Off Guard.” Lewis describes his newest project as “a breath of fresh air” as he wanted “to avoid being dubbed as a singular genre artist.” While some of his loyal fans might not enjoy an evolution to his established style, most will really enjoy his ability to fluidly expand his musical repertoire without much angst and worry.

Love it or hate it, Lewis proves that he is a natural at producing, and it bodes well for what is coming next off his upcoming untitled EP.