Let’s go back to December 2015: The world discovered Desiigner by way of his debut track, “Panda.” Many accused the Brooklyn native of being just another unnecessarily gaudy rapper and pretty much brushed him off. Then along with summer 2016 came “Tiimmy Turner” and suddenly the industry woke up to Desiigner’s promise as the next big hip hop star.  The GOOD Music artist’s is latest release, “Outlet,” gives off just the same sort of larger-than-life power. 



“Outlet” is a big song—the kind of song you play before a night out or during a sweaty workout. From the very moment it begins to play, a howl will wake up someone in their deepest sleep and it just keeps getting louder. The music is almost overwhelming with all of its hollers and production by Vinylz. Its enthusiasm and clacking noise sort of reminds me of what you would hear from a high school marching band.

The best parts are when the pounding stops, giving Desiigner an opportunity to spit at lightning speed: “Got gold bottle with that stripper with me/ Getting more liquor, more pigeons, more cash.” He has skill, no doubt, and he knows how to get attention, but there is still plenty of room for the up-and-coming to improve is he wants to achieve superstardom.