Many of our favorite artists have come forward over recent months in support of Stand With Standing Rock – the movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) from running through the sacred grounds of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe – and today, Dominican Republic-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Jarina De Marco is the latest name to be added to that list with her call to action anthem “Release The Hounds.”



A truly explosive blast of tribal pop that reminds me of a certain MØ, “Release The Hounds” is one of those perfect songs that manages to be at once danceable and profound, carrying with it a message of resilience that we all need to hear.

Speaking about her to decision to raise awareness for Standing Rock, Jarina tells NYLON:

“After seeing Amy Goodman's report on the protests at Standing Rock, and seeing footage of private security forces sic dogs on the indigenous water protectors, I felt disgusted, overwhelmed and outraged. It struck a familiar feeling for me. Dogs have been used throughout history by the tyrannical to suppress the innocent, particularly indigenous people and people of color. My mother is of Taino descent, the first people to have contact with Christopher Columbus, and almost all of them perished at the hand of the violent conquistadors that used dogs to hunt our people down. I could not believe history was repeating itself and on national television. 'Release The Hounds' is a call to action, and a statement of resilience, inspired by those fighting at Standing Rock. President Obama may have halted construction on the DAPL, but the upcoming administration's stance on big oil may dismantle the work that has been achieved. We can not let this happen. We must continue to support the people at Standing Rock, to ensure the 'black snake' (as the natives refer to the pipeline) does not rear its ugly head yet again.”

All proceeds from “Release The Hounds” will go to Stand With Standing Rock to help lower the cost of legal fees, supplies and anything else the water protectors need to continue the fight, so be sure to stream or download the song. And while you're here, feel free to watch the official video, which sees famous faces including Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson and Regina King come together in support of this important cause.




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