It’s funny. Drake & Rihanna’s "Too Good" was so inescapable in 2016 that I found it difficult to believe that I could barely remember who the original was by. I was so deeply engrossed in this cover from Jo&Me that my mind completely forgot about Rihanna and Drake. I mean it’s Rihanna and Drake! And I was nodding my head along like this was the only version that will ever matter!

That’s quite the tribute to the booming talent on display here.

This Stockholm production and singing duo of Jo & Me (Which one is the singer, which one is the producer? Is the eponymous ‘me’ a metaphor for the listener, or is a nickname? We’ll never know!!!) may only have two releases to their name. Yet by starting off with a cover so vastly different from the original, yet beautiful in its own right, they’ve set themselves up surefire for the kids to come running before their original music even drops. With their original track, "Daydream," dropping to equal fanfare and more releases on the way, I think we’re about to see that swarm of fans build and build.



spotify "Too Good" (Jo&Me version) starts off with strange anti-rhythmic drums and a mellow witch-house melody that rides as an undercurrent to the raw vocals which seem to find new emotion in a song that’s been played more times than Hot Crossed Buns. This haunting and minimal production is intended to highlight the vocal talent rather than serve itself. I mean, in all honestly we’re talking about this act because they have the kind of singer that’s worth talking about. Producers are a dime a dozen, but singers that put themselves out there with underproduced raw emotion rather than auto-tuned gloss are ones to be treasured. 

But, it’s a cover, so the production needs to stand out, otherwise the internet will yawn with discontent and we wouldn’t be talking about it here, now. Gone are the club-ready steel drums of the original and replaced with a hazy daze reminiscent of a darker Jamie xx. The minimal production and raw vocals are a perfect match. Meaning Jo&Me have this whole duo thing down. This isn’t just another singer/producer— this is a band, perfectly balanced and ready to take on any song you can throw at them. I mean if they can crush "Too Good," what can’t they do?

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