Nation’s inner turmoil got you feeling down? We’re sure not doctors over here, but We Are: The Guard have a solution for you -- check out MALKA’s super whimsical and super political song, “Fell For You.” It’ll have you on your feet in a feverish urge to both dance and fight the system, maaan.



I’m not gonna bore you with the rather obvious reasons of why creative artists this year have released works with a strong undercurrent of political ire (you deserve a break from all that, anyway). But rather than go the route of scathing anger, alt pop songstress MALKA went in a completely different direction, expressing her own frustrations in the way she does best. “Fell For You” has got a fun, simple style, whose lyrics are sung in a fantastical fashion, like a nursery rhyme you’d learn at pre-school. I think MALKA wanted to make sure her song’s comprehension went hand-in-hand with the IQ of the person she’s delivering her message to. It’s all good, girl. I see what you’re doing.

The best performances are often short and straight to the point. The infectious percussion and running bass-line in “Fell For You” are just an added bonus. And don’t get me wrong -- every piece of furied work that we’ve received in 2017 continues to tickle my fancy. But a light, political song like MALKA’s reminds me that sometimes, all we need is that sweet, succinct voice to exclaim what we’re all constantly thinking: The people running our country are f*cking idiots.

If you really dig MALKA’s light-hearted political slights, check out her accompanying video. She’s currently working on her sophomore album, but you can buy “Fell For You” now on all main music platforms.