If Billy Eichner found me on the street and forced me to describe how the genre of “Viking Soul,” would sound, I’d say… “OMG Billy Eichner!”

And then I’d take a guess: Well, it’s gotta be a brooding genre. And it’d probably be sung by haunted and beautiful men twice my height. Lastly, it would either resemble some Nordic metal ballads or Chris Isaak if he did all-out pop music.

And you know what, guys? I don’t think I’m too far off either.

MATTIS, a rising artist from Copenhagen, has branded himself as a “viking soul” connoisseur ever since the release of his debut single, “Loverboy.” He’s now back with a new track, and it’s dark, sleek, and sexy like a blockbuster vampire film (Think Underworld, guys -- not the other one). Listen to “The Chain” below.



The beats that drive “The Chain” are poppy enough for the big-name contenders on the radio. But combined with Mattis’ sultry, dark voice, the production ends up sounding like something concocted out of Depeche Mode’s studio.

The lyrics, meanwhile, tell a tale of manipulation, heartbreak, and breaking free from some really bad juju. And more importantly, they reveal a rather vulnerable side to Mattis, thus answering the eons-old question: do Vikings have feelings?

Okay, so Mattis isn’t really a Viking but he’s 6’8 you guys! It’s the closest we have!

Is Mattis geared for battle and ready to dominate the music world? I think so -- Follow his Facebook page for upcoming singles this year.