We Are: The Guard wouldn’t be able to begin to explain what Sassaparilla is. Truly, honestly. But it’s 100 percent Muki’s own Grade A concoction, and as she puts it, it’s “sass with some carbonation.” The Aussie singer’s new song, “Sassaparilla,” is bubbly hyper-pop, channeling other Tumblr pop queens like Charli XCX. Seems like someone got the memo that cute singers with foreign accents singing against synthy soundscapes is just super in nowadays.



The eclectic, and super electro track has its mind going a mile a minute. Imagine every little blip and bloop to have ever been imagined in synthpop, and this song’s got it. Muki kinda nailed the soda aesthetic, too. “Sassaparilla” literally sounds like shaking up a pastel pink soda can, cracking it open, and letting its aural goodness spill across a room. And it’s so unapologetically confident: “Jealous ‘cause you want what’s mine,” she sings at one point. Like seriously, I bet she’s the life of the party with such a blaring aesthetic like hers.

So now the next question is, how exactly does Sassaparilla taste like? Ice cream soda? Crayons mashed together in a bottle? Mountain Dew Code Red? Muki, girl, I’m gonna need some answers here.

Her liquid gold of a song track is her first single in what is hopefully a long list to come. It’s promising, especially as a debut single. I’ll be around lingering on her Soundcloud for more zesty songs, and you should as well.

Shout out to curator Robert Duffy for this discovery.