Germany’s PRETTY PINK has been heating things up with her self-described “deep woods deep house” sound, and we’re totally loving the DJ’s fiery new single, “My Kick.” The track features THE ELEMENT and it’s a blissful, easy-going yet moody electronic pop track that is perfect for fans of artists like The Chainsmokers or Mike Posner. And with that being said, we could totally see it ending up as a breakout radio hit (well, you know, after a radio-friendly edit due to all the drug references).



Pretty Pink sets the vibe with bass-heavy backing synths, a ticking and winding drum machine beat, and uplifting electronics that serve as the perfect platform to The Element’s silky smooth vocals. “You got me lost in a dreamworld/ I’m talkin’ cocaine kisses/ got me livin’ on the city (?) with you,” he croons before things take off into an infectious trance at the 0:30 mark. From there on out you’re hit with a groovy bass heavy beat, sparkling electronics, and a simply intoxicating vocal melody that will stick with you long after the track is over.

It’s super rare that I ever find myself wishing that a song was longer, but that just so happens to be the case with this “My Kick.” It comes in just under 3 minutes in length, and it will totally have you tapping “replay” the second it’s over.

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