20 year old new artist SIGRID is already blowing up thanks to her smashing debut single, “Don’t Kill My Vibe,” which is simply pure pop perfection. And we don’t just throw compliments like that around lightly— We Are: The Guard, after all! It’s our job to distinguish the buzz worthy from the “meh.” Sigrid is shaping up to be Scandinavia’s next indie pop princess, and the new Island Records signee is definitely proving she has what it takes to live up to that title. Strong and striking vocals, intricate soundscapes, and simply epic and emotional production will take a hold of you instantly and we can’t wait to share this track with you today.



The track begins with a dramatic, piano-driven style with slow building and sparkling atmospherics, a soft beat, and her strong and emotional vocals that take flight once you get 40 seconds in. Soaring “oohs” and echoing, powerful drums create a wonderfully epic and powerful chorus that is totally chill-inducing as she croons, “I tried to play it nice but/ oh-oh-oh, ooh, ooh/ don’t kill my vibe/ oh-oh-oh, ooh, ooh/ don’t break my stride.” After the 1:30 mark, the chorus is in full swing with fuzzy electronic elements, powerful 80s’-style drums, a ticking drum machine beat, and soaring backing vocals that lead into the powerful, hand-clap filled bridge. The single comes in at a short but very, very sweet 3 minutes in length, and it leaves us eagerly anticipating what she’ll bring us next!


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