They’ve already been nominated for a Grammy for their 2016 single “Drinkee,” but now Australian duo SOFI TUKKER are back with a fiery anti-Trump statement that’s simply entitled, “Greed.” We Are: The Guard, and we’re super exited to share this politically driven banger with you today!

A pulsating club rhythm and a ticking drum machine beat serve as the perfect platter for the enthusiastically delivered vocals that sound like they’re being yelled through a megaphone. “This is one of the first times Sophie has ever screamed. Unfortunately, there is a lot to scream about right now,” they say about the track on their SoundCloud page. The lyrics are fiery right from the start as she declares, “your ego/ crushed dreams (?)/your greed/ keeping you up all night/ keeping you up all night.” I love what happens around the 1:14 mark as she yells “everywhere we go/ people wanna know/ so we tell them…” as the ticking beat and pulsating synths build as more elements are slowly added while they throw you back into the club style dance-inducing beat. Things take another turn about half way through the track with funky guitar rifs, swirling electronics, and echoing percussion that hits its climax just before the 3:10 mark until everything gets amped up to another level. Eventually things cool down as you’re led to the track’s ending just a second before it hits the 4:00 mark.



“Greed” is a must-hear track that manages to serve as both a hard-hitting political statement as well as being a total club banger and we can't get enough.


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