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Hello again, it’s Micah the WATG intern. It’s going to rain all week on the east coast! I’m astonished. October rain feels rare. It’s also kind of the worst type of rain because the air is cold and walking to the train to commute to school is not a vibe. The majority of the time, when it rains like this, I want to just sit inside, sip tea, and listen to music so here’s a playlist of indie pop music that is perfect for the weather.



The first time I heard Tops, I listened to “Way To Be Loved” and their album Picture you Staring. I literally thought it was the best music I had ever heard. To this day, that album made a huge impact on the music I listen to and it really inspired me as an artist. I am so thankful for their music and how they seem to conduct themselves as a band. They are the 80s-indie-pop throwback that everyone wants and every artist wants to be but only Tops is successfully able to ace each song and album they’ve been releasing since 2014. “Party Again” is the perfect song for you to stare out your window and watch the rain hit the sidewalk in your Brooklyn apartment. Tops is a band hailing from Montreal and have been around since 2011. They’ve been consistently making indie-pop bops that go above and beyond the quality of music that is being released today. Tops creates incredible depth in their sonic palette and were very ahead of their time as we’re seeing their songs being more popular now than before.



I had no idea how flipping good Hippo Campus was. I never really gave Hippo Campus the listen that everyone told me I should, but here we are. “Boys” is an insane song. Its chorus is one of the most catchy hooks I’ve ever heard and all of the melodies are beautifully captured. I also love this video. It's trippy yet grounded. Hippo Campus have also been around for a while: specifically releasing music since 2015 and their growth has been nothing but incredible to see. This is the perfect moody song to listen to while driving through the cold october rain. I promise it will make you feel warm.



Generationals is made up of Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner who have been creating music together based in New Orleans for decades. They’ve been pushing the boundaries of indie-pop with their unique sound and production techniques for a while. As artistic tastemakers, Generationals have never been that famous-tabloid artist that everyone talks about, but their influence goes far and beyond anything of that sort. This song, featuring Sarah Jaffe is a perfect example of their tastemaking and their evolution by changing with the times. This song is perfect for when you’re tryin’ to reach someone to join you sitting inside, sipping on some tea.



Claudia Bouvette’s song “BBZ” is a bold way of writing a love song. The perspective of being “crazy to have someone’s babies” is a great angle to write from and is rather thought provoking. I think it's also simultaneously relatable in regards to how people's minds work and what we think about when we’re crushing on someone. It's a vulnerable and imaginative song that fits perfectly in the indie-pop sphere. The melancholy mood and question creates a perfect rainy day tune.



Tsubi club is fantastic. With only one song out, I’m sure that they will be picked up soon. This reminds me of the social draw and virality of PawPaw Rod’s breakout single. I could see “Burbank House” being a TikTok sensation if given the chance and right moment. The production of the song is insanely well done and has a great feel and hard hitting energy. While this might be the outlier in regards to our October rain theme, I think that the somewhat angry energy can coincide with the inconvenience when it rains. I promise you will not regret listening to this artist.



This is it. This song is amazing. The lyrics are incredibly relatable as it seems to talk a lot about body dysmorphia and the struggles with those insecurities. It starts out as your classic Phoebe Bridgers-moody-angsty but honest song and then has one of the best change ups I’ve ever heard in an indie-pop arrangement. This song might make the rain stop and the sun come out. Shmavana Shmantos is the solo project of Savana Santos from Avenue Beat who had that breakout single, “F2020.” I’m very excited to see how her solo project evolves.

Overall, these are the best indie pop songs out recently! I hope you enjoy!

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Micah Rubin is an avid music connoisseur who loves to watch movies and spend time at dinner parties. He loves The Sopranos and playing shows with his band, The Brazen Youth. His dreams and goals include wanting to bring people together through music, striving to always create an efficient and safe space for others to work and create. He hopes to become an A&R or Music Supervisor one day.