This Brooklyn Indian-American singer-songwriter-future-pop-sensation has got all the workings to be a major player.  Totem, with major style and buzz, is having his upcoming star shine brightly with legitimately great songs and a damn smart head on his shoulders.  His slick R&B jams have a subtle snarl underneath them that give us something real to get behind in the fluff world pop.  While his songs keep getting smarter and better and slicker and sexier that star of his keeps shining brighter.




Damn what an awesome combo we’ve got here?  Totem with the killer future R&B sexy dance pop vibes.  Take a little bit of that plucking of heartstrings that is the hook’s arpeggio and add in major baby making vocals and we’ve got the song that’ll soundtrack more heavy petting this summer than Marvin Gaye.  That is if you can look past the underlying lyrical content of his girl being with other men and him convincing her to keep that body just for him.  But I mean it’s 2017, this is the sexual landscape we live in, what else would we expect a modern man to sing about?