I don’t know about you guys, but lately with all of the soul-crushing news out there at the moment, I’ve been seriously lacking some sugary sweet tunes in my life. But luckily new artist TYSM (short for Thank You So Much) is here and she totally delivers— The Texas native just dropped her debut single, “Honeymoon Phase,” and we just can’t get enough of its uplifting feel-good electropop vibe. She was signed under producer Felix Snow’s label, Effess Records, and if Kiiara or Icona Pop are any indicators, Felix Snow totally knows how to spot a potential hit when he sees it (or is “hears it” more appropriate in this case?)



“Honeymoon Phase” starts out with bouncing synths and light and airy layered vocals to instantly set the sugary tone. Soon, the track slowly builds with playful electronic elements like water droplets, twinkling electronics, and a snappy drum machine beat as she sings, “sippin' on elixirs/ looking at our pictures/ I should've never kissed her/ that’s what he said when he missed her,” before leading you into the track’s infectiously chopped up chorus at the 0:49 mark. I love the transition between clear cut and melodic singing/lyrics for the versus and the bubbling mixed-up choruses, as it makes it a beautifully crafted electronic bubblegum pop track. "Honeymoon Phase" serves as a short (but very sweet) and solid debut single that makes us super excited to hear what TYSM releases for her follow up.


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