If you’ve ever been in love – or even had a crush – you know that feeling. That feeling that takes over you when you see the object of your desire for the very first time. It’s as commanding as an electric current and has the ability to make you float or push you to the floor—it’s that surreal sensation that TYSM (Thank You So Much) sings of for “Wraith.”



The song reminds us of Regina Spektor, only younger and electro-tinged. It is less sung, but not quite rapped either. The two minutes of music the Effess Records signee’s released is more like spoken word poetry with instrumentals and synths going wild in the background. Her words match the tone as well, as she speaks to a lover about how comforted and scared she is all at the same time: “You fall me in like a switchblade / At the foot of the bed you've held me / You're like a drug, let me medicate / No, I never felt like this before.”

TYSM already showed off her knack for experimentation with her equally poppy debut single, “Honeymoon Phase.” Still, we’re more impressed at We Are: The Guard with this newer track. “Wraith” has a bit more depth, displaying her ability to not only be catchy, but raw too. And in the 21st century world where we’re inundated with new talent daily, it’s important for rising artists to prove their range early on.