They’ve just released their debut single, but we’re already hearing from Dem Yuut again and reviewers at We Are: The Guard are not mad about it. This time, the new indie band gets a featured credit alongside fellow rookie, Webster X. The song, “Tick Tock,” is a part of his 15-track debut album titled Daymares. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin native’s premiere compilation is inspired by the ups and downs of his life since 2013 in his quest to create art. The overarching themes are pretty dark, but it’s not without optimism.



It’s becoming rarer and rarer among artists today to let vocals be the main focus of their music, but that is exactly what we hear on “Tick Tock.” He just lets his talent pour out like the way water is commanded out of a faucet. The lack of intricate melodies lends itself well to his intense dive into Webster’s most vulnerable self. He’s faced obstacles in his young life, but it’s overcoming those obstacles that makes life so worth living. Hardship has and will continue to spurn some of the most beautiful art—in the very first line, the rapper makes just that point: “This pain is inspiring, spiring, inspiring.” He has a juxtaposing power and gentleness that makes his words convincing.

Dem Yuut drops in at the end to strengthen Webster’s already moving narrative. In his signature whisper, frontman Danny Obrien sings, “if you want it then you can get” – and we believe him.