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So apparently it’s not just me, but last week and so far this week have just been mad chaotic… has anyone else felt it too? Literally every single person I know has wholeheartedly agreed and I’m not sure what weird stuff is going on in the universe, but I think we can all agree that we need a bit of an escape. And if you’re here reading this, then you’re in luck, because our indie pop round-up of this week is an eclectic mix of songs that are the perfect escape from everyday life!



Gonna say it outright – I’m a Julia Wolf stan, have been for a little while now. And her latest single “R.I.P. to the Club” is further confirmation that my obsession is valid. In Wolf’s previous works, she has alluded to the macabre, allowing that to be a vehicle for both her songwriting and her (extremely pleasing) aesthetics. In this indie pop banger, she sings in a breathy falsetto about the teenage days where she used to go out clubbing. An ode to the innocence of youth, there’s no way you won’t become a stan as well after taking a listen to this one.



For all those who’ve moved to LA with no friends, no family, and a big dream – this one’s for you. NY-bred, but LA-based, artist Alexia Rev pours out her heart in this gut-wrenching ballad “LA LONELY”, a bare-bones track featuring vocoder-layered vocals and delicate piano. “But the truth is I’m jealous of the way they are laughing/And I’m still walking on the streets alone again/And the truth is my weakness, I’m comparing to strangers/’Cause I texted my friends but no reply, alone again”. Alexia Rev’s latest single is the track to add to your playlist for the lonesome moments as a gentle reminder that we all go through this feeling sometimes.



If you’re an avid listener to Remi Wolf, get ready to hear a different sound from her on “pool” with indie pop artist Still Woozy. This track certainly has an indie pop feel to it, utilizing organic instrumentation and subdued vocals. “pool” details the story of a pair of friends sitting next to a pool and catching up on their lives – the good and bad. In case you missed the memo… the pair of friends is Remi and Sven Gamsky (professionally known as Still Woozy), who wrote the song in three hours while they were hanging out at a pool in LA. A song of friendship, self-discovery, and introspection, this track is the perfect musical materialization of what it feels like to catch up with a good friend.



If you’re looking for a pop-rock, ‘90s-reminiscent ex-bashing track, look no further than Zëta Ræ’s “Enemy”. Personally, I’ve got no bad blood with my exes, but this one’s got me out here tryna fight one of them… Zëta Ræ boldly and unapologetically tears into a disliked ex as heavy drums, electric guitar, and glitchy electronic elements back her up. Not to mention her vocals are incredible?? “I must really hate myself to let me get mixed up with/(Somebody like you)/Just so you know it won’t be hard for me to find/(A better version of you)”. A quote!!!!



Time to cry!!! Anson Seabra’s “Unloving You” is that heartbreak song. The one you turn on that just gives you all the feels and makes you cry everytime. A dreamy ballad with painstakingly resonant lyrics and enchanting melodies, Seabra tells the familiar tale of the struggle of falling out of love with someone. This single precedes the “Wonderland Tour” that Seabra is about to embark upon in April, and I think he’s going to need to pass out tissues to the fans for this one…



We’ve made you cry, we’ve made you hate your ex… and now, it’s time to make you laugh. I urge you to send this to your best friend with no context and just say “this song made me think of you”. It’s all in good fun! “Strangle You” by Californian singer-songwriter Cody Lovaas is a playful jab at that friend that, you know, pushes your buttons sometimes. But you love them to death. Lovaas manages to capture this sentiment while merging a catchy pop melody with more laidback, acoustic instrumentals. So the next time you feel like strangling your best friend (a weird sentence that I never thought I’d say), take a listen to this track!



We’re excited to introduce IDALIS and her debut single “Faster” on our We Are: The Guard Best Indie Pop page! This may be IDALIS’s first release, but all I can say is: whoa. If this is the caliber at which she’s already creating, the future looks extremely promising. “Faster” is a trap-heavy, seductive pull into IDALIS’s world – one that feels like driving fast in a sports car. And she’s got no problem touting her magnetic energy: “Put it in gear, baby, c’mon let’s get it/Cruisin’ it (skrrt skrrt) ‘til I get it/First name IDALIS, bitch, don’t you forget it”. All I can say is after “Faster”, we certainly won’t!



Serving as track 8 on midwxst’s recently released EP “better luck next time”, “okay” is an exciting addition to the project with brakence as a fantastic feature. The Indiana-native, who teeters on the edge of hyper-pop, sadboi-pop, and hip-hop, talks about feelings of hopelessness and feeling misunderstood on this hyperactive, electronics-heavy track. And the feature by brakence – both as an artist and co-producer – is an excellent addition to a track like this. His production style is so distinguishable, as is his punk-style of singing and writing. Don’t we just love when a collaboration is like a match made in heaven?



We finish off our indie pop round-up with “God Complex”, an alternative singer-songwriter tune by NY-based artist Laura Elliott. This rock-influenced track dives into the complexities of a relationship with someone who’s got narcissistic tendencies, hence the “God complex”. Elliott’s voice, as well as her songwriting abilities, are stunning and transcend beautifully over the bellowy electric guitar instrumentals. This is her second release in the last two months, so perhaps this is foreshadowing of an upcoming project…? We can only hope so!

You’re welcome, yet again, for all the wonderful additions to your music library. I just get such a kick out of blessing other people with great music, you know what I mean? With that being said, if you like hearing about the latest hits from up-and-coming indie artists, check our indie pop posts every week, as well as our other posts here on We Are: The Guard. Until next time, my friends :).

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Natalie Kroh is a recent Berklee College of Music graduate born, raised, and currently residing in LA. She’s an artist herself who creates music within the contemporary R&B space, but also loves discovering and listening to artists from various genres. In her free time, you’d find her making music, reading, watching movies, or exploring the city with friends.