Somewhere between Indie Dance and Future Bass sits UK’s hottest new trio, Strong Asian Mothers. This isn’t a Venn diagram that is completely diametric to We Are: The Guard. No. Indie Dance Future Bass SOUNDS warmingly familiar, doesn’t it? Not completely foreign like one of the Pokemon you literally have to travel across oceans to catch. In our many years of genre mashing, there has to have been others acts that combine those two flavors. Doesn’t there? But if that’s the case, then explain to me why this feels so fresh? Well maybe that’s because it's FRIGGIN good, that’s why. WHO CARES WHY? Who needs explanations when music is this good? Not me.



With production that would make Odesza jealous and more traditional hook-filled indie songwriting than the rest of their electronic producing peers, Strong Asian Mothers have something special. This is the kind of act that can get played on KCRW and then remixed and that remix could ALSO get played on KCRW. I’m expecting a long illustrious career with these dudes full of hits and festivals and women throwing themselves at them. Just got one little suggestions, dudes…. Name change?

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