Often lending his musical prowess to world famous acts such as Suicidal Tendencies and Kendrick Lamar, Thundercat might have created a track worthy of pop chart success almost through purposeful irony. There is an absence of a catchy hook, which is essential of all successful pop songs. Yet, the Tron-like music draws the listener into this surreal universe, while the lyrics are all too real to any gentleman on the wrong end of the romantic spectrum. It deviates from the current discourse of mainstream music, at the same time being somewhat familiar. The track is heavily reminiscent of the G-Funk hits of the 90s and should be all too familiar to loyalists of West Coast hip hop.



Within the allotted three minutes, Friend Zone embodies all the sexual frustration and unrequited love that goes into a platonic relationship, juxtaposed to a psychedelically-charged instrumental and nonchalant vocal style, vis-à-vis Pharrell in his chart topping fluff pieces. Sprinkled in are several pop culture references to the video game franchises of Diablo and Mortal Kombat as his panacea for unbearable heartache. Finally, he gives the girl a simple ultimatum: “Don't call me, don't text me, after 2 am, unless you plan on giving me some.” Perhaps a last-ditch effort in an otherwise hopeless scenario.

Consider it an unapologetic rant towards any female guilty of performing this act, and an anthem for any man who is relegated to being the best guy friend that is suitable for listening for all seasons and any musical era.

Thanks, Thundercat. Being in the friend zone never sounded so good.