Just visiting We Are: The Guard and hoping to be blown away and astonished by something new and refreshing? Today, the trio from Scotland named Young Fathers is hoping that you congregate for a spiritual awakening from their newest track “Lord.”



youtube Beginning their career in 2008, the musical trio Young Fathers currently based in Scotland, features the combined sensibilities of Alloysious Massaquoi, Kayus Bakole, and Graham Hastings. Dabbling in pop, hip hop, and r&b, their tracks remain experimental, often mixing several layers of synthesized beats, soulful vocals, and wicked bass lines. The resulting product might be sound a little different each time, but their formula stays rather consistent. If you are into noise pop, Young Fathers is the provider.

A mish-mash of waywardness, “Lord” is almost like a spiritual experience, as it plunks the listeners into the center of a choral presentation that is filled with theatrics, drama, and testaments. However, 90 seconds into the track, massive distortion pokes its way into the fold with main vocals that reminds me very much of Pharrell during the prominence of the Neptunes. As the title implies, “Lord” is a gospel song, lacking any of the hip hop and pop sounds that the group is typically known for. Still, it is a masterwork of this trio that even impressed Danny Boyle enough to have them be the soundtrack of the Trainspotting sequel.

If you don't know them by now, get used to their sound now.