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Hey stans, February has come and gone, and we still haven’t gotten over the mellifluous gifts we received from our dearest K-pop artists for Valentine’s. From the looks of it, March ain’t gonna disappoint us either. ATEEZ dropped its dynamic single Fireworks (I’m The One) on March 1st and thus, starting the month with a banger. And, it’s about time we took some time off worrying over the bullying rumours wafting around our favourite people, and enjoyed their music instead, without disruption.



Cheers iKONICs! The boys are back, and there’s no looking back. Being a self-confessed fan, I can’t be happier for this 6-member group, which seemed to have lost its color after the departure of its leader B.I. last year. With a new single “Why Why Why,” iKON is finally ending a year-long hiatus, and letting the fans know the group is here to stay. An emotional riot, this song is all about heartbreak, misery, and longing. Brilliantly rendered, the music video is layered with stunning visuals that support the heart melting vocals of Jinhwan, Jin Hoe, Yunhyeong, and Donghyuk and the powerful rap verse of Bobby. It got 1.4 million views within 6 hours of its release, need to say more?



There’s no fume without fire ma chingus, and San’s washboard abs will tell you as much (wink, wink). They make fireworks explode in my head from the get go! When it comes to dance, ATEEZ is known for powerhouse performances and the group’s new single “Fireworks” keeps you on the edge of your seats with stylized choreography. This video is a brilliant display of the transition of ATEEZ from a rookie group to veterans who can pull off any number with utmost ease. The song is catchy, has personal references - it’s co-written by the members Hongjoong and Mingi, along with Buddy, Eden, Leez, and Ollounder, and has insurmountable charm. ATINY, rejoice! The boys started playing with the fire. 



The global star took us all by surprise when he released a music video featuring his mentor, JYP (Jin Young Park) last month. Rain’s songs ever since his Rainism days have an addictive quality which makes the listeners hooked to their tunes. “Switch To Me” had it and “Why Don’t We” tries to imbibe it. This new single featuring Chung Ha focuses on the singers’ flawless dancing skills rather than the music, and when you have performers such as these you have nothing to complain about. “Why Don’t We” will be on Rain’s upcoming mini-album, Pieces By Rain. Rain also collaborates with GOT7’s Jackson Wang (“Magnetic”) and an upcoming boy band Ciipher (“Come Over”) for this new album. 



Don’t get carried away by the name, The Boyz have no plans to give a K-pop twist to Stephenie Meyer’s vampire saga, trust me. This “Breaking Dawn” is all about strong vocals and even stronger dance moves. A melange of colours, the music video showcases the unique strengths of all 11 members in the most compelling way. The video released last week has already received 3.6 million views. This fairly young group has been on every K-pop stan’s radar ever since they won the Mnet reality competition Road to Kingdom.



Monbebes, do you still miss Wonho? He may never lose his MonstaX tag, but Wonho seems to be doing well as a solo artist. The K-pop idol, known for his divine looks and killer body, released his first solo album in 2020 and since then, has been showing immense potential as an all-rounder. His new song “Lose” has gained 2.6 million views within 5 days of its release. This romantic number has a suave quality that makes you groove to the rhythm till the end. With his dynamic vocals and smooth dance moves, Wonho slays this video. 



K-pop’s ferocious feline, Cheetah dropped her new single “Villain” after a short break of 6 months. Cheetah has been prowling in the K-pop scene with her powerful rapping skills for a while now, but it is her fierce personality that makes her stand out. This song rides on smooth hip-hop which falls between rap and pop. Featuring Jamie, the MV has a revenge saga vibe with both the singers pitted against each other as rivals. The song released last week is slowly climbing up the K-pop charts.



CL’s new single is full of heart. A poignant tribute to her late mother, “Wish You Were Here” is a memorabilia of the singer’s childhood where she spent happy days in the company of her mother. CL’s mother passed away in January, leaving the singer in pain. Written by CL along with MNEK, Asia Whiteacre, Gary Hill and others, this easy-on-the-ear track helps you to drift into a melancholic mood instantly. She croons, “Cuz it’s been 6 months since I last saw you but I hope you’re okay / Can’t believe you went from mother to angel in the space of a day. ” The music video features home video footage and photographs of CL growing up.



Korea’s very own Golden Child (or children) is breathing easy these days! The group’s new single “Breathe” takes you down the memory lane when life was all about friends and play. A departure from quintessential K-pop videos that feature plush sets and heavy CGI, the MV of “Breathe” revolves around a school basketball team. The song featuring the ten young members of Golden Child is refreshingly cool, capturing the energy of youth and yearning for more.



Oh, how I missed that voice! Yes, Day6’s divine vocalist Young K teams up with Parkmoonchi on this single, bringing you music that can sweep you off your feet. “What a Wonderful Word” has Young K manifesting his amazing skills as a singer in simple, yet meaningful verses. My Days, if you haven’t yet listened to this song, you are missing out big time. Put this on and lay back to rewind after a long, exhausting day.



NCTzens have a lot to celebrate! NCT127 recently released its second Japanese album Loveholic with a music video of “Gimme Gimme,” a frolicking and fun number. Last week, SM Entertainment’s electronic artist IMLAY released a single featuring NCT Dream’s Chenle. The animated music video has gotten a million views within a few weeks since its release. Chenle’s soothing voice is addictive and soulful, helping you forget all your worries- at least for a few minutes.

The K-pop scene is thriving more than ever, with new groups and songs hitting the music scene every other day. The older groups are expanding their horizons by releasing songs in other languages and keeping their fan bases strong across the globe.

Here’s to the K-pop world and millions and millions of songs that are yet to see the light of day. See you next Thursday with more exciting news from the other side of the world.

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