Above & Beyond’s ethereal pop-trance has always partnered really brilliantly with big electro sounds. We can trace the history of these legends by the remixes of their work popping off into the stratosphere almost as far back as Jono Grant, Tony McGuiness and Paavo Siljamäki first stepping to the decks together. 

It’s almost like a right of passage for an up and coming producer-- to take a stab at one of the greats. “Love is Not Enough” featuring Zoë Johnston was always going to be a banger for the trance trio as they’ve basically never released anything but. Of course, we’re not really here for Above & Beyond today though are we?

Sure, their stems are what got us here, but we’re talking about taking those stems and reconfiguring them into something else entirely. It’s called making a song your own and Fatum-- the production quartet that’s already got two Grammy nominations under their belt-- do exactly that.



Let’s look at what’s going on here. Analyze this beauty, beat for beat. Starts off nice and chill… Got that classic Above & Beyond white noise pumping through the speakers and then BOOM out of nowhere:

Drop 1: Big grinding electro sound. Reminiscent of 2012 electro, head-banging and mind-taking.  This is party music, ready to pump the people up into a literal/physical frenzy.

Drop 2: Classic Progressive Trance. Woah-- how did they? See how they turned your expectations on their ear? Just by patiently waiting before giving trance fam, the trance, it makes the trance, all the more transcendent. Huge, emotive, beautiful. That’s how you make a tune shine.

These cats got releases on Ultra, Big Beat, Anjunabeats and Armada-- which is as legit as it comes. They are perched to be the next big trance superstars, and a sign-off from Above & Beyond is certainly going to do nothing but help. 


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