Action Bronson going so simple on this one it almost hurts.

A classic soul-sample-built beat like this seems almost like a throwback to the early 2010’s, doesn’t it? So chill, so minimal. Just viiiiibes. Where the rap game was easier-going, had more positive energy and was a whole hell lot less stupid. Thank God this isn’t something like CHARMING GANG CHARMING GANG CHARMING GANG. (How much of all of this is Kanye’s fault). Of course I sound like an old fogey saying all of that, don’t I?

“Rap from ten years ago was the REAL rap. When people had their pants up around their nipples and made rhymes using only the thesaurus.”
“No, No, No, rap before that was what’s up! Songs about Grandmas trapping in the 90210, and EVERY track had a hook about chewing on bubblegum.”
“I only listen to hip-hop from 1998, when people wore hats on their feet AND their heads, and the #1 song in the country had a beat built entirely of dog barks.”

But maybe that’s because Bronson is at his core, a rapper of the last generation, becoming, over time, one of the elder statesmen of the kind of rap many of us grew up with. Verse over flash, cadence over production, rhyme over hook. This isn’t a song isn’t built for radio. It’s just Action on the track, nothing more than that.



Bronson ain’t here to impress anyone new. He did that years ago when he first dropped Blue Chips and now he’s just chilling (something he seems quite excellent at). This one’s just about letting that flow loose for a second on something new. When the man’s got something to say, let him say it.

If you’re not impressed by some good-old fashioned verse work than get the fuck out of Action Bronson’s house. He don’t need you. He could just as well keep on being a television personality for VICE with “Fuck, That’s Delicious” and “The Untitled Action Bronson Show.” But, on the other hand, if what you’re looking for cleverness of words that would make a fucking lit major blush, then this man has got you covered.

“Prince Charming” has more memorable moments than a weekend camping. More classic lines than both Wayne’s World movies combined. “I crashed more benzes than when they practice with the dummies” is amongst one of Bronson’s greatest. Let’s treasure that one for a moment.

Give this one a listen back to back with “White Bronco” to see just how much of a roll Bronson is on right now. Both these singles come off of the rapper's White Bronco LP dropping soon. Let’s hope some of these new millennial punk-bitches take a cue, stop mumbling and start getting their rhymes tight and in-sight, ain’t that right?


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