After listening to this track just the one time I was sure that we’d gotten our hands on some new dual-vocal lo-fi indie wunderkinds in the vein of Kimya Dawson and Adam Green’s early 2000’s act The Moldy Peaches. But a deeper dive into the entire catalog of Age.Sex.Location reveals this to not be even close to remotely true. First impressions are meaningless if you don’t support it with research.  Turns out their five-track EP, ASL 1 Beach House released just earlier this same year, is a pseudo-electronic indie-soul masterpiece that contains no two songs that sound remotely similar to the others. Similarly, they sound as far as from “Early To The Party” as anything contained within. Age.Sex.Location’s sound seemed on this first released to incorporate orchestral string arrangements, programmed drum machines, and vocals that trade-off from both their lead singers, John Ryan and Shungdozo. But then again, this is all in reference to older music that sounds absolutely nothing like the song we’re reviewing right now.  So let’s talk about this song, then? Okay. 

“Early To The Party” is a catchy and free-wheeling indie folk song that has me considering the positives of this world for the first time in a long time. Like, maybe there is potential for happiness, even if masked behind somber lyrics and minimal guitar that make you feel as somber as you feel excited. On ASL 1 Beach House the duo switches off, but here they sing together and the song is so much stronger for it. I feel like hearing these two sing simultaneously it’s like I’m remembering what it is to fall in love all over again. Somebody call my wife and tell her I love her.



I think this change of pace between “Early To The Party” and ASL 1 Beach House is largely what’s going to help make this band stay interesting in the many years that I expect them to remain in our hearts.  Like, it’s only their first year out and they’re already experimenting with a bevy of different sounds. And they’re all dope!  That’s something special that you don’t see every year. Now we can only hope their future music stays this adventurous going forward.

According to the Internet, Age.Sex.Location dub themselves more as collaboration from friends than a band (so screw all my earlier *band* comments. The group is made up of lead singers JRY (aka John Ryan) and Zimbabwe-born Shungudzo, with AFTERHRS (Andrew Hass & Ian Franzino), Julian Bunetta, Liza Owen, and Teddy Geiger joining in to round out the sound. John Ryan has served as producer and writer for One Direction, Maroon 5 and  John Legend so you know he’s legit and Shungudzo is featured on tracks with Oliver Heldens and Rudimental, so she’s basically dance-music royalty.

Can’t wait to hear what’s next. I just hope it surprises me!


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