We love a good cautionary tale. In the fifties-sixties-seventies it seemed like there were a dime a dozen stories of good boys and good girls gone wrong when faced with the harsh realities of New York or LA or fill in the blank city. But now people seem to embrace the excesses that were once considered excessive.  Drinking with the devil and popping pills on a weekday ain’t nothing to those of us who see that (and more) everyday on the internet. 

So that’s where 25 year old singer/songwriter Alec Benjamin comes in, to advise against all that face-value bullhocky. “Jesus in LA” is Benjamin’s story of moving to LA, signing a deal with the devil (record industry) and giving in to all of the vices that Hollywood had to offer. Benjamin details the message behind this song on his Instagram story. He talks about getting dropped from his record label, losing all his money and moving back to Phoenix, Arizona with his family.  And that’s where you should probably just listen. The song really speaks for itself...



Benjamin has the voice of a choir boy, angelic and sweet.  “Jesus in LA” is a boppy little pop dirge, stripped down from all the excesses that modern pop music is known for-- just a boy and his guitar writing a song about real things and feelings. There should be more tracks this genuine. May the new folk movement come out of Arizona.

You might know Alec Benjamin better from his Platinum single “Let Me Down Slowly,”  but we think this new, refreshed version of the artist is just as exciting as anything he’s released so far. Going home, getting your priorities straight, and writing a damn killer pop song.  What else is this all about?  Can’t wait to hear what’s next. 


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